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UEA Working Life brochure

What would it be like to work at UEA?

How would I spend my working days, my weekends, my holidays?

What about my partner’s job, or my children’s school?

What would the future hold?

If you’re considering a post at UEA, you need answers to these questions and more. So we produced this brochure to show you what life is like for those who live and work here.

It outlines the University campus and faculty, and gives a flavour of life in Norwich and Norfolk, from buying a house to sailing a boat.

We hope it will help you make your decision.

Why UEA?

There are so many reasons to choose UEA and its surrounding area. Here are 10 of the most important…

  • Internationally recognised teaching and research, with exciting opportunities for collaboration and promotion
  • Attractive reward packages, plus benefits including on-campus nursery and access to free lectures
  • A youthful and enthusiastic culture, focused on new ideas and new opportunities
  • A modern, accessible campus with shops, cafés and a beautiful natural setting
  • A superb sports centre offering swimming, athletics, racquet sports, a gym and more, with discounts for staff
  • A very high standard of living, with low property prices and little crime
  • A beautiful local area to explore that combines the very best of city, country and coast
  • Excellent local entertainment, including shops, restaurants, bars, theatres, cinemas and major events
  • Outstanding accessibility – reach UEA, the city of Norwich and the rest of Norfolk quickly and easily
  • Diverse employment opportunities, making it easy for partners of UEA staff to relocate here.

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