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Puressentiel Organic Essential Elixir


New to the UK, this unique blend of eight enriching oils is proven to reduce the visible skin damage caused by everyday pollutants…


Walking through a busy city can give us a real buzz – but what is it doing to our skin?

Research for Puressentiel, makers of Organic Essential Elixir, shows that nearly half of us notice how polluted air makes our skin feel grimy and dirty, but only one in six realises that the damage can go far deeper – causing our skin to age prematurely.

Air pollution – whether caused by fumes from the road, office or home – is linked to everything from blocked pores, blackheads and acne to increased wrinkles, skin conditions such as eczema, and even skin cancer.1

Yet only a quarter of us take steps to protect our skin from this damage.

According to Katharine Mackenzie Paterson, a skincare specialist and advisor to Puressentiel, ‘there is now compelling evidence that pollutants accelerate ageing and may drive the DNA damage associated with melanoma.’

She says: ‘It makes sense to try to reduce your exposure to pollutants and protect against the damage they can cause.

‘Our skin depends on the oxygen it can absorb.2  It’s what stimulates its production of collagen – which is crucial for elasticity and healing.

‘The purer the air we’re exposed to, the more oxygen we can absorb from it – and the better the integrity and appearance of our skin will be.’


Pollutants in our homes and offices also harm our skin

The risks to our skin do not stop when we reach the safety of our home or workplace.

Ÿ The very fine airborne dust and debris (known as particulate matter, or PM) that trigger oxidative stress – leading to skin ageing, pigment spots and wrinkles – is usually linked to traffic pollution, but a recent study has found damagingly high levels in homes too. 3,4

Ÿ Cigarettes, wood burning stoves and fires are all sources of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) that accelerate skin damage and ageing and have been implicated in skin cancer.5

Ÿ Exposure to nitrogen oxides – typically from car fumes, but also from some home sources such as gas and wood burning stoves – are associated with an increased risk of dermatitis and eczema as a result of oxidative damage. 6,7

Ÿ  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – from solvents in paints, varnishes and many cleaning products – are also linked to the raised inflammatory markers associated with dermatitis and eczema, with levels two to five times higher inside our homes than those found outside. 8


How Puressentiel Organic Essential Elixir can help 

While it is virtually impossible to avoid all the pollutants that compromise our skin health, Puressentiel Organic Essential Elixir’s luxurious blend of four essential oils and four nourishing plant oils has been shown to protect our skin from pollution-fuelled damage, combating wrinkles and skin ageing.

Katharine Mackenzie Paterson says: ‘One of the great advantages of using essential oils for skin care is that they moisturise the epidermis and reduce dehydration, but they do not stimulate the production of sebum and clog the pores.’

In a clinical trial of 21 women aged 40 to 61, all said that their skin felt revitalized, more nourished, and less dry after using the elixir. Almost all (95%) said their skin felt softer and the product did not block their pores. And four out of five (81%) said their skin felt plumper and more toned.

The study showed that after just 28 days of use, Puressentiel Organic Essential Elixir improved firmness by 33% and skin softness and brightness by 26%. Skin roughness was reduced by 37% and the appearance of dark circles by 64%.

Puressentiel is known for its evidence-based products. The company’s philosophy is that everything they make and sell must be both safe and effective.

Every ingredient of their Organic Essential Elixir has evidence to support its use in this unique blend.

Ÿ  Immortelle – a member of the daisy family, also known as Helichrysum italicum – regenerates skin and combats visible signs of age. Laboratory tests have confirmed that it also reduces erythema – the umbrella term for non-specific redness and irritation – and protects against sun damage. 9

Ÿ  Rose geranium – also known as Pelargonium graveolens – has been shown to have potent ant-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal activity in laboratory studies. It also firms and brightens the skin and may be one of the best oils for diverse dermatological problems such as oily or congested skin, eczema, and dermatitis, according to one study.10

Ÿ True lavender – also known as English lavender – has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties and regenerates and soothes the skin.  A team of Japanese scientists found that it also increased production of collagen and a growth factor needed for skin regeneration. 11

Ÿ Ylang Ylang  – known for its calming properties – also tones and revitalizes skin and helps normalise the secretion of sebum.

Ÿ   Rose hip oil – said to be the Duchess of Cambridge’s go-to skin therapy – nourishes the skin and combats wrinkles. Studies confirm it relieves atopic dermatitis, reduces the signs of ageing, and reduces the risk of age-related pigmentation problems.12

Ÿ Borage oil protects and revitalizes the complexion and is widely used in skin care products. Borage seed oil is also used to treat a number of skin disorders, including eczema and dermatitis 13 and laboratory tests show it protects against DNA damage. 14

Ÿ   Evening primrose oil restores the skin’s flexibility and stalls ageing. Used topically, it improves the skin barrier in people with dermatitis.15

Ÿ   Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E and restores and nourishes the skin. Used topically, it’s proven to protect against skin damage from the sun and also thought to reduce oxidative stress, which is a factor in skin ageing. 16


What else can we do to protect our skin?

Ditching air fresheners which contain formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs and other known irritants should make a huge difference, and there is compelling clinical evidence that switching to Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray will deliver even greater benefits. Made with essential oils, it does not add to the cocktail of toxins that are already present in most homes, but it also reduces levels of airborne toxins and irritants.


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