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Beautiful Funerals. Exquisite Care.

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Complete Funeral Care

In death as in life, you want to do what’s right for your loved ones.

Whether you’re pre-planning your own funeral or putting a service together for someone who has died, our supportive and knowledgeable team are here to help.



“From the very first contact on the day my husband passed away the personal touch alongside highly professional care made everything so much more bearable. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job.” Hilary, Katy and Lou Midgley

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Comfort at a Time of Crisis

With our unique understanding of grief and loss developed and crafted over thirty years, we know exactly what you need. Our expertise is evident from the first conversation and you’ll find every aspect of our approach tailored to your individual requirements.

From a simple ceremony to a more elaborate send-off, Champ’s distinctive approach gives you everything you need to create the perfect funeral experience.


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Beyond Grief

Move through the grieving process with this essential companion guide to loss.  

The often confusing and complicated road through grief can be hard to navigate. Lianna Champ offers an open hand to guide you through with this practical and comforting book.



“Carl and Lianna made my mum’s day so beautiful. The service was incredible – sympathetic, courteous and very respectable. Anything we requested, Champ made it happen.” Rachael Louise Hargreaves

Planning Your Funeral

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Helping You Plan the Perfect Funeral

Celebrating a life well lived can feel like a daunting task, whether you’re planning your own funeral or that of a loved one.

The love and care that forms the cornerstone of our service makes the process more bearable. And we ensure every step is easy to follow so you feel in control.

Wherever you choose to meet us – in the comfort of our funeral home in Accrington, at your home or somewhere else – our highly dedicated and experienced team will guide you through the confusion following loss. We provide funeral services throughout the North West so, no matter your location, we can come to you.  

You can be confident that every detail is covered, observing your wishes and those of the person who has died while providing all the practical advice and support you need.


“Thank you Lianna for your heartfelt words; there were many moving comments about your eulogy. Your kindness and support was outstanding, and the professionalism of your team made our journey seamless.” The Pinder and Moorhouse families

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Dealing with the Practicalities

Although every individual is unique there are certain arrangements that need to be considered. We will help and advise you with:

  • Registering the death.
  • Who to inform, including the necessary authorities, family and friends.
  • Burial and Cremation
  • Selecting  the appropriate coffin, casket or basket
  • Deciding where the funeral ceremony will take place. This could be in a religious building, cremation chapel or elsewhere.
  • Creating the perfect ceremony to reflect a true memory picture of the life that has been lived based on the beliefs, personality and values of each character.

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Understanding the Day

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The Champ Funeral Experience

With over three decades’ experience, Champ delivers a true sense of occasion. And you can rest assured that we’ve considered and prepared for every practicality, leaving you free to celebrate the life of the person you have lost.

Saying goodbye is just part of the service. We work with you to create the perfect funeral ceremony by:

  • Setting a suitable tone for the day be that joyous, serene, sombre or another emotion.
  • Reflecting the wishes of the person who has died – we help you honour the beliefs, values and traditions of the person who has died.
  • Choosing the most fitting words  – We create amazing and unique eulogies.Or, if you want to write the tribute yourself, you can be sure we’re here to support you.
  • Remembering your loved one as they were – by telling the stories that make you laugh and cry; both emotions need expression.
  • Picking the right music – from hymns to rock-n-roll or something else entirely.
  • Selecting a suitable venue – we’ve arranged intimate family gatherings at home and lively send-offs in theatres and other venues.
  • Doing something unique – commemorate the person who has died in a way that’s fitting for them. From balloon releases to Formula One cars, we’ll help you think creatively to craft a most memorable and distinctive day.

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“As soon as we walked into your funeral home, the atmosphere was perfect. You understood everything we wanted and made us feel completely at ease when handing the care of our mother to you. The day of the funeral was so elegant and very graceful – you did her and us proud.” Jill Chambers

Arrange a funeral

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What to Expect on the Day

Although there is no such thing as a typical Champ funeral, there tends to be a common order of events.

  • Family and close friends arrive at our funeral home, your home or another location of your choice.
  • We arrive respectfully and elegantly presented in our pristine Mercedes fleet, horse-drawn funeral carriage or another form of chosen transport.
  • Flowers will have been carefully prepared and displayed around the casket in the hearse.
  • Close family and friends are driven to the location of the service following the hearse either in our limousines or other form of chosen transport.
  • The service will take place in line with the preparations we have helped you make:
    • Your chosen celebrant or minister will direct the funeral ceremony.
    • The Champ team will be on-hand to gently guide everyone through each stage of the day.
  • Sometimes the service is split, for example between a church and crematorium or cemetery. In this instance the mourners leave one venue and go to the next in the same vehicles as before.
  • Flowers are often laid outside the church, crematorium or at the graveside and people are able to read the words on the wreaths.
  • The cars take the mourners to the reception where people continue to share their memories.

In the case of cremation we will return the ashes of your loved one to you or conduct a scattering or placement of the ashes ceremony. Our support continues beyond the day of the funeral in our role as grief recovery specialists.


“Everyone at Champ made us feel welcome and your service was excellent and caring. We appreciated the mark of respect as we paused outside Dad’s house and also his previous address on the way to the church.” Lesley Cookson

“If it’s possible to say we had a perfect funeral, then that is what we got on the day. Your presentation was excellent in every way and it would not have been possible to ask for anything more. In my opinion Champ Funeral Services is second to none.” Carole Wright

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Everything Taken Care Of

Our families tell us they couldn’t have been prouder of the send-offs we’ve helped them create. They leave our service knowing that everything possible was done to commemorate the life of the person who died in a way that resonated with all those involved.

If you’re pre-planning your own service, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your wishes are known. Our attention to detail and professional and compassionate approach will mean the people you leave behind will be well-served. By taking much of the stress out of your funeral arrangements you leave them free to grieve at a time of great emotional upset.


“My mother had taken out a funeral plan with you and everything was excellent, as we expected it would be.” Susan Letto

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Obituaries and Donations

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Obituary Notices

Our obituary notices are continuously updated with details of services, remembrances and preference for flowers and donations.


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Memory Giving

At Champ, we ensure each obituary advises on flowers and donations.

Money can be donated online via the link to memory giving or handed to us in person and there will also be a donation box at the venue. Flowers will be received at the funeral home prior to or on the morning of the funeral.  

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About Champ

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Proud to Provide the Perfect Send-off

It’s our mixture of professional and practical support combined with a genuine sense of love and care that makes us stand out from the crowd.

At Champ, we honour those who have died by ensuring that every detail of our service is remarkable. From supporting you through the grieving process to the faultless presentation of our experienced team, every detail combines to provide a majestic presence on the day and to deliver a sense of occasion.

This can only be achieved by having a dedicated team who care deeply about the people we look after, both the living and the dead.


“The quality of your service was second to none. You always treated us with dignity and sensitivity and the balance of warmth and professionalism was perfect. It was a wonderful day and a positive and uplifting experience, which is all due to your staff. You absolutely exceeded our expectations.” Ann and John Garnett

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Meet Your Team

Lianna Champ, Managing Director

Diploma in Funeral Directing, Member of the British Institute of Embalmers, Member of the British Institute of Funeral Directors, Member of the Institute of Civil Funerals

Determined to become a funeral director from the age of nine, Lianna has spent over three decades caring for people who have died and their families left behind. Instead of providing a purely practical solution to death and funerals, Lianna wanted to create a holistic experience that would ease the pain of losing someone and help the grieving process.

A life dedicated to a single career has made Lianna an expert in grief and it’s this knowledge that permeates the entire Champ experience.   

From your first interaction with Champ Funeral Services, you’ll detect Lianna’s passion for uniquely celebrating the lives of those we have lost and her desire to comfort and guide those left behind.

Carl Taylor, Funeral Director, Embalmer and Funeral Service Manager

Qualified Embalmer

An experienced embalmer and Funeral Director, Carl’s caring and considerate nature makes him perfectly suited to his profession.

Drawing on more than twenty years of experience, Carl is an expert in developing a true understanding of each family he works with, their needs and the needs of their loved ones. Carl also brings an element of creativity to his role enabling him to work with families to provide truly unique celebrations of life.

As the Funeral Services Manager, Carl looks after the day to day logistics and leads the wonderful Champ team.

Julie Thompson, Office Manager

An office whizz, Julie oversees the the day-to-day running of the office combining her role as a mother to her three beautiful children perfectly with her work at the funeral home. Julie has over twenty five years experience in the office environment and keeps the office, our procedures and goals firmly in sight.

Often Julie will be your first point of contact when you call or visit us at Champ’s and you will feel very safe with her warm, friendly and caring manner.


“Such a brilliant team. Lianna did everything to help us when my grandad passed away. Carl and the team were always so helpful and the celebrant conducted an amazing service. The work you do for people at such a sad time is remarkable, thank you.” Lyndsey

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How We Care For Your Loved One

Unlike many funeral homes, everything we need is located under one roof. This means that, once the person who has died is taken into our care, they are not transported elsewhere or dealt with by anyone else until the day of the funeral.

Our state of the art temperature controlled facilities and embalming services mean your loved one is prepared and presented at their very best. Visitations can take place as a family group or individually.

You can arrange your visit to our beautiful funeral home and you are welcome to bring personal items if you wish for placement in the casket or to decorate our individual rooms. And you can be certain that, sShould you need it, you can be certain that one of our team will be available to support you.


“Thank you for making my mum’s funeral so wonderful. Your establishment and the crematorium were both such beautiful venues and everything went so smoothly. Mum had some quite high standards and I know she would not have found any fault in the service that you provided. A fitting farewell.” Bernie Gleave

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Certified Grief Specialists

Grieving is a natural part of any loss. Be it related to bereavement, work, health, divorce or anything else that life throws at us.

As qualified grief specialists, Champ are experienced in supporting people through challenging times and helping them live again. In fact, Lianna Champ is a published author with her book, How to Grieve Like a Champ, now available in major bookstores.

This guide distills over 30 years of bereavement expertise into a practical and comforting method for dealing with grief.

“Everyone who has grieved, or knows someone who has, will read with pen in hand underlining sentence after sentence of balanced sensitivities and realistic advice.”

We also offer outreach programs for the Grief Recovery Method®,. The action program for moving beyond death, divorce and other losses.

If you are struggling following a loss or feel as if your life isn’t as happy as it could be, please contact us for an initial chat to see if the Grief Recovery Program® is for you.

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“Many thanks for your help and support since Barry passed. I feel the grief road is a very difficult journey for all concerned. It is such a comfort to know there are people like you who are just a phone call away.” Anne Nowell

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A True Understanding of Grief

Losing a loved one, whether sudden or expected, is a traumatic experience and one that nobody can ever truly be prepared for.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve and every individual will experience it on their own terms in their own time. There are no stages to grief but it is common to experience::

  • Lack of concentration – simple tasks can become difficult.
  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns.
  • Sense of fear, nausea and extreme stress.
  • Sad, distraught or a sense of relief, especially following a long illness

Our emotions can wash over us unexpectedly and it’s important that we can express our feelings when we feel them. Finding someone that you feel safe with to share your emotions with is a key part of the process.  

At Champ we understand this which is why we provide a safe space to think, feel and grieve. You won’t be rushed into making any decisions until you’re ready: once you are, our caring team will be on-hand, guiding and supporting you through the choices that have to be made.

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At a time when you need information and support our blog is here to help. We cover everything from the practicalities of arranging a funeral to navigating the emotional journey of grief.


Keep Your Loved One Close

Hold on to the memory of your loved one with a treasured keepsake.

Our range of high quality memorial items includes bespoke fingerprint jewellery, carbon diamonds and beautifully crafted memorial ornaments. Or opt for one of our memory bears which are particularly popular way for children to cherish memories.

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Here When You Need Us

One of our supportive and experienced team is available to take your call or respond to your email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone: 01254 390731

Email: info@champfunerals.com

Address: 142 Whalley Rd, Clayton-le-Moors, Accrington BB5 5DY


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