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Website, article and press releases for A Drop in the Ocean

A Drop in the Ocean was a project about plastic on Brighton’s beaches. Project leader Irene Soler wanted to tell the project story in a way that was light and playful, yet still communicated the uncomfortable truths about our habits as consumers.

Because she believes that it’s through moments of joy that people truly connect with issues, the bright installation she designed and made out of bottle tops was designed to spark that joy.

The website content needed to capture and reflect this before the project had anything bright and colourful to show for itself. Besides the website content for the project, we worked together on press releases, project updates, developing a lead concept and copy for the final data report, and a Medium article to summarise Irene’s experience of organising a community project.

“Working with Helen was such a pleasure. She got the idea straight away, was very thorough with her research and came up with brilliant proposals that just added so much to the project. Always going an extra mile (she even wrote a poem!) she became much more than just a copywriter but an incredibly supportive partner. I wouldn’t have done it without her!”

– Irene Soler, The Appreciation Society





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