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Website for IIZUKA software

IIZUKA sells case management software to a wide range of customers, from small charities to national government departments. They needed a website that appealed to all of these customers. It needed to impress large organisations while not frightening off small one or two user charities.

The tone of voice is that of a friendly expert. IIZUKA promise not to complicate their offering, or use jargon in discussing what they do.  The site needed to be straightforward and explain clearly the benefits of the software.

I chose to let the customers do the talking. The site is very focused on case studies and customer testimonials, all managed and written by me – have a look here for examples: https://www.iizuka.co.uk/category/case-study

The site also features animated explainer videos – I provided the brief to the designers and wrote the scripts. See here for an example:  https://youtu.be/PAx9Wj5ah4s


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