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White paper on mobile payments for NCR Ltd

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I’ve written a couple of white papers over the past couple of years for NCR. Better known as the people that manufacture ATMs for banks and financial institutions around the world, they recently purchased Alaric, a British company specialising in payments software – which is where I first got involved. This paper is for the payments side of the business, looking at the hottest of hot topics: mobile payments. The text was based on a series of interviews, a bit of desk-based research, and videos that senior execs had done with industry analysts. I brought all that together, to create a coherent story about a technical topic.


With EMV coming to the US in 2015, all eyes
are on the new security features and anti-fraud capabilities that come with the new chip-enabled cards and terminals. That security also creates a solid foundation from which to launch a variety of contactless payment services. Now that Apple Pay has joined the mobile payments sector—and looks set to bring Apple’s game-changing reputation to the world of contactless mobile payments—this could be the year that transforms the US payments business.