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Why should I hire a copywriter to write my website content?

Suppose you’re investing in a website. In that case, the idea is presumably, to attract more browsers, convert them into buyers and sell more stuff? 

Will the site layout do that, will the way it looks lure them in, will the position of the call to action button make the ultimate difference?

All of that matters, but it’s not the stuff that actually engages the fleeting site browser as much as you’d think. If you’re planning or briefing a new website, think about your content first, it does the heavy lifting of communication.

You need content that gets people intrigued, arouses curiosity, makes the offer and seals the deal. For a start, you have to take into account the person reading the content.

The big news is, that isn’t you!

Millions of websites promote businesses of all sizes, offering content that hinges on what they do, who they are, where they’ve come from, and what their offices look like.

None of that matters nearly as much as you think it does.

What you should be focussing on is writing that appeals directly to your prospects and customers. Content needs to address their problems and the things they care about. What do browsers like and dislike, why they are searching the internet for whatever it is you offer?

Copywriters know this; they don’t just write grammatically correct text blocks; they write lean, engaging and precisely targeted copy. Copywriters work out whom they’re writing for, not their client, but their client’s website visitors.

That’s not to say that nobody but a copywriter can do this, but, generally speaking, the business owner hasn’t the time, skills, or inclination, and that’s absolutely fine!

5 reasons to hire Whatsit Doodah Writing (or any other expert) to write your web content for you
  1. It’ll save you time. 

You need original copy that considers your target audience. Crafted content sets your brand tone of voice, suits the medium and sticks to the purpose. It has to do that within a (generally short) word count whilst taking SEO and readability into account. It’s not a 20-minute task, even for a professional! We all have to be strict about how we spend our time, and it’s more profitable to outsource your copy and content.

  1. You’ll access the right talent to get the job done. 

Great writing is crafted; great content follows rules. But, being a gifted writer is not enough; you’ve also got to know what it takes to produce good writing as engaging content. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, it is mine! And, let’s not forget that around 1 in 5 people struggle with literacy to some degree.

  1. You’ll get better results. 

Copywriters are brilliantly creative thinkers, always looking for an edge, a new angle and something that’ll make words leap off the screen and page. I know the technical ins and outs, the psychology behind communication, how to use words to influence, persuade and lead people to buy.

  1. It represents fantastic value for money. 

When you have a form of words that explains precisely and succinctly what you do and how that benefits your customer, you’ll use it again and again and again.

5. Both you and your prospects will ‘get it’!

When you get content that hits the mark, you’ll see your business as your customers do, which can be a revelation for some business owners. They suddenly start to see who their customers are. They may understand the market they are serving, which gives them the vision to hone in on offering what people want and the best way to satisfy that need.

Ask any website developer. They’ll tell you that many sites take far longer to finish than they ought because clients haven’t provided their content. It’s the same reason that crops up three months after the site does eventually go live, and the client comments that they’re not getting the results they expected!

Content is everything.

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