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YoCo: a new development where community comes first.

YoCo is the latest in a series of forward-thinking community projects for York. Combining public sentiment with the latest city centre developments, it will encourage a culture of togetherness.

Our vision

YoCo’s vision is to bring together exciting, inspiring ideas to change the face of community living. We want to support a sustainable, inclusive home life which will set the standard for other urban developments in York.

Our mission

We believe people are what makes a neighbourhood. Our mission is to bring people together, regardless of their background. Our team of architects and town planners are working tirelessly to address the deepest issues in modern living.

YoCo will lead the way in challenging unaffordable housing and inequality. It will provide spaces to live, work and spend leisure time by encouraging everybody to share their views. With residents at its heart, it will provide modern, green spaces to support a better quality of living.

Our aims

More than just a development, YoCo will build on new opportunities in York, including the ground-breaking My York Central project. By combining new ideas with public opinion, we will:

  • Make housing affordable, offering viable alternatives to failing existing models.
  • Create an inclusive, open public space, encouraging residents to enjoy them at their leisure, rather than feeling like consumers.
  • Offer affordable, creative workspaces with flexible options to suit all needs.
  • Encourage eco-friendly movement throughout the neighbourhood, offering accessible cycle lanes and walking areas with minimal traffic.
  • Evolve our designs over time as we continue to exchange ideas.

Our philosophy: live, work and play.

Life is for living. YoCo will encourage a balanced lifestyle of work, rest and leisure, inviting people from all walks of life to get involved. We’ll achieve this in three ways:


Affordable housing will take centre stage when it comes to design. We’ll offer rental or sale properties at lower than market prices, using energy-efficient technology to keep living costs down.

With sustainable, low-carbon materials, our houses will be designed for living – not for making a profit. The real investment comes from building a comfortable home life, which we’ll achieve with single and co-operatively owned housing.


The future of modern working lies in collaboration. Our new working spaces will encourage enterprises to pool their talents. These inclusive hubs will offer multi-purpose offices, shared co-working areas and freedom to explore other creative projects.


We believe in a work/life balance, giving residents the chance to spend their free time as they see fit. There will be less emphasis on commercial interests, and more focus on public spaces that stimulate all the senses. We’ll provide a rich mixture of outdoor and indoor public areas, which will evolve in line with our community’s needs.

The future of modern living is in our hands. With your help, we can take it further. Do you have comments or ideas for the YoCo project? Get in touch with us today.


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