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Yum Junkie – Tone of Voice and Website

Artisan Office Catering

Organic, local and freshly sourced food you’ll want to share

Passionate about flavour, we’re completely and totally taste driven. And if that means our day has to start at 3am so we can source the freshest produce, so be it. We’re simply dedicated to bringing delicious tasting food straight to your office.


Flaky and oh-so buttery pastries, freshly squeezed juices – wake those taste buds up

Working Lunch

Artisan bread sandwiches, impressive antipasto platters – make it an hour well spent

Sweets & Treats

Irresistible hand-made cakes, devilishly good muffins – it’s a case of eeny meeny miny moe

A menu to suit all

Breakfast meeting that needs a wake-up call? A working lunch to boast about? Some indulgence for your clients? There’s no limit to what we can offer. We’ve catered for small private parties, large corporate events, afternoon tea functions and even picnics. Whatever the menu is that you’re after, we’ll work with you so our menus work for you.

We’re Yum Junkie

In 2015 Angie and Arthur set out with one simple aim – to become locally known for outstanding quality of food, ingredients and an extremely reliable service. A year on, and we can tick that off our to-do list, AND we can boast that we’re also known as far east as London’s foodie capital, Shoreditch.

Our Menus

All of our menus have been created using only the freshest, carefully sourced ingredients. We like to call it real food.

Breakfast platters

Add some rise and shine to your breakfast meeting with one of our delicious platters

Sandwich Platters

Served on quality artisan breads of all shapes and sizes, from multigrain to pretzels

Lunch Platters

Tuck into our range of working lunch platters and experience delicious tasting, quality food

Sweet & Treats

We care what goes into our cakes so everything is hand-made – it’s all in a day’s work


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