PCN will close at the end of 2016

Tom Albrighton

ABC Copywriting

  • Please note: this announcement has been superseded and PCN is no longer set to close. Please read this post for more. This post has been left online as a record of the response to our planned closure.


I’m sorry to announce that PCN will close at the end of this year.

Copywriting Conference 2016

This year’s conference has been cancelled. Sorry for any disappointment. If you bought a ticket, you should soon receive an email about a refund, and the refund itself should be processed in the next seven to ten days.

Site memberships

We won’t accept any further new members, either Basic or Pro, and it will not be possible to upgrade from Basic to Pro.

If your Pro membership is due for renewal between now and the end of 2016, you will not be charged, but will remain a Pro member. This has been achieved by suspending the payment at PayPal indefinitely. If you cancel the payment altogether, your Pro membership may lapse.


The website will remain open until the end of this year, so existing members of both levels can use their profiles for that period.

Members are still welcome to contribute to the blog if they wish, but at the end of 2016 the site will be archived and taken offline.

Why PCN is closing

I’m enormously proud of everything that PCN has achieved – reaching 2000 members, our successful conference, our thriving website and our copywriting survey.

For me, PCN has been a great adventure, but it’s also been a prolonged excursion outside my comfort zone. Running it on my own is a heavy burden that makes huge demands on my time and energy. It’s time to call it a day.

Thank you

I’d like to thank everyone who’s played a part in PCN’s success: my co-founder Ben Locker, our event manager Andrew Dec, our web developer Glen Scott and our former website editor Jo Tidball – plus everyone who’s supported us by attending or participating in our events, becoming a member, writing for our site, sharing our updates or in any other way.

I hope we’ve helped your copywriting career and wish you all the best for the future.


21st March 2016

Anthony Glynn

This is sad news. Pro Copywriter has been a great help to myself and other copywriters, but I wish Tom and the team all the very best in whatever they do next.

21st March 2016

Fiona Mocatta

Thanks for all your hard work Tom and Ben.

21st March 2016

Charlotte Fleming

I’m sorry to hear this, Tom, but I appreciate the burden it must have been and how that gets in the way of “real” work. Thank you for all your hard work and for creating a platform for exchanging ideas and information.

21st March 2016

Graeme Piper

This is a sad news day for copywriters everywhere. When I first started down the road of copywriting, finding this website was like finding a pot of gold – so much information and resource.
I can imagine the bigger it grew, the more difficult it became to organise and run efficiently (whilst also doing a day job).
Thanks to Tom and Ben for setting it up in the first place – I’m sure it’s provided help for lots of us. Kudos to Jo too, for being involved in the last year or so.
End of an era.

21st March 2016

Jacqui Pulford

So sorry to hear this. I only came across this useful site a few weeks ago and found it a great source of information as well as a confidence booster. I will have to do a lot of catch-up reading of previous posts. You will be missed.

21st March 2016

Tom Albrighton

Thanks for all the kind comments.

In view of observations some people have made on Twitter, I should say that if anyone wants to make a proposal to take over PCN and keep it going, I will certainly be open to it, and read and respond very carefully.

21st March 2016

Huw Sayer

Hi Tom and the PCN team,

Congratulations on setting up PCN and achieving so much in such a short time. Quite understand your decision – running a group like this takes a huge amount of hard work (never easy when you are essentially volunteers). Regret we’re not able to take over but good luck to anyone who does step in.

Best wishes to you all,

21st March 2016

Huw Sayer

Note to self: always log in first before posting comments.

21st March 2016

Andy Nattan

Sad news, Tom.

I’d just like to thank you, Ben, Jo and all the other people who’ve worked so hard on the PCN for the last few years.

You’ve been a great help.

22nd March 2016

Caroline Gibson

Sad news indeed but you’ve been a brilliant resource and will be greatly missed. Well done for everything so far.

22nd March 2016

Sue Keogh

Really sad news but I know how much time these things take up, and as professional copywriters, you won’t want to do things by halves. Round of applause for all your hard work.

22nd March 2016

Pieter Moons

I’m really sad to read this. I attended the conference last year for the first time and it was amazing. I was really looking forward to this year’s event but, of course, respect your decision.

22nd March 2016


Thank you for all your work in connecting so many of us from across the UK! It has been fantastic to meet so many people through PCN and be inspired and learn through Copy Con. It is sad to hear this has come to an end, but I wish you all the very best for the future.

23rd March 2016

Tom Albrighton

Since this post was published, copywriter Leif Kendall has been in touch to say that he may be interested in building a team to take over PCN. If you’d like to offer help or get involved, please do get in touch with Leif. His website is

24th March 2016

David McGuire

Delighted to hear Leif could be picking up the baton… and I think you’re right: it needs a solid committee to share the load (Tom, you’re a legend for carrying it for so long).

I’m sure we might be keen to offer some support here at Radix – but attending committee meetings mightn’t be the easiest (you’re all welcome to come down and see us in Cornwall, though, if you like).

31st March 2016

robert bullard

Sorry to hear this …. I had tracked you for a few months and was planning on joining. Ah well, I am sure you will be missed my many.

27th December 2017

Sara Bentley

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Thanks in advance

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