How I got 600% ROI within weeks of joining PCN

Anna Gunning

Gunning Marketing

After 9 years working in agencies, I decided to go freelance. I did what most new freelance copywriters do – I got my website in order and spoke to my contacts.

I also joined the Professional Copywriters’ Network.

I’ve won business via my website, social media and referrals – and PCN has also been important to my success.

Here’s how.

I saved money with discounts

PCN membership includes discounts on flexible office space, company formation and freelance insurance.

I get leads from the copywriter’s directory

Think about it from a client perspective. You need a copywriter but don’t know one. Googling can be time consuming. So can LinkedIn and FreeIndex. PCN’s copywriter’s directory lets you browse hundreds of copywriters by location, skill and speciality, which makes it easy to find a good fit for your project.

An annual PCN Pro Membership is £48. I earned that back many times over in my first month of business because clients found me in the directory.

The resources help me run my business

From planning to project management, PCN’s copywriting resources save lots of time when it comes to business processes.

And then there’s the issue of pricing. The suggested rates and the Pro Copywriters Survey give you a benchmark for your rate card.

It gives me a support network

The term ‘copywriter’ covers so many different specialities. I’ve talked to advertising copywriters and direct response copywriters. People who write about fashion and people who write about forklifts. It’s so helpful to learn how these writers approach projects, react to industry news and promote their businesses.

According to the 2016 Pro Copywriters Survey, 98% of copywriters are happy in their career. And that means there are lots of engaged, enthusiastic people to answer your questions.

And PCN’s not just for freelancers – it helps agency copywriters, too

I wish I had joined PCN when I was still agency side because the support is so valuable.

When you’re working with an art director, digital specialist, account manager, PR manager and all the other people in the agency team, everyone thinks in a different way. PCN is a place where everything thinks in terms of the copywriting craft.

This means you can talk about writing mechanics and processes, laugh at grammar jokes and cringe at management jargon together – and everyone relishes the conversation.

So here’s a question for you – If you’re a PCN member, how has it helped you? And if you’re not a member, what’s holding you back?

Connect with me over at Gunning Marketing, on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

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24th June 2016

Elizabeth Manneh

Thanks for this helpful article! I’m relatively new to freelance copywriting, and on a very tight budget, so it’s very helpful to know about the benefits of pro membership.

24th June 2016

Anna Gunning

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for commenting. There are so many great resources through PCN, and I think we’re very lucky to have such a vibrant and supportive community of copywriters. Do you know the #copywritersunite hashtag on Twitter? There are hundreds of copywriters who follow it, and it’s another great way to get advice on anything copy-related.

7th July 2016

Jackie Barrie

Clients have found you in the Directory?

Tell us more…

8th July 2016

Anna Gunning

Hi Jackie,

Yes, clients have found me in the PCN Members’ Directory. When I go through the ‘How did you hear about me?’ bit during the client enquiry call, many have mentioned it. These tend to be clients that haven’t used a copywriter before, and find PCN when they’re Googling.

8th November 2016

Timothy Woods

Thanks for the article, Anna. I do like being a pro member of PCN and look forward to getting more involved. I did however expect to at least get an enquiry or two through the site, but nothing so far in a few months of being a member.

9th November 2016

Anna Gunning

Hi Tim,
Please do get more involved! I often PCN is one place a person has looked before getting in touch – they’ll also look at LinkedIn and my website. So it’s all working together to help me build my business.

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