Five places to post your blogs

Sanina Kaur

SK Copy Co


Blogs are a big deal these days.

According to HubSpot, companies that blog 11 or more times a month, generate almost three times more traffic than those who never blog or post just once a month.

Blogs aren’t just advantageous for your on-going lead gen either, they can help drive traffic to your website, go hand-in-hand with SEO and provide you with regularly updated content for your social media feeds. Over time, they help position you as a thought leader in your field too.

There are lots of reasons why all businesses of all sizes and across all sectors should blog on a regular basis.

But writing blogs is only half of the process, you need to share them far and wide once you’ve published them. Apart from uploading them to your website and pushing them out on social media, you should also share them on:

  1. SlideShare – use PowerPoint or similar software to turn your posts into short presentations. It’s really quick and easy to do and is really worth doing as there’s not as much competition on SlideShare as other sites (although this may change over time!)
  2. Google+ – seek out the communities that your content’s most relevant to and share your post(s) with their readers. Note: your blog needs to be of real value and relevance to the communities you’re choosing to share it with. Don’t just post it and then hope for the best.
  3. LinkedIn – I know LinkedIn comes under the social media bracket, but make sure that when you share your blogs, you don’t just create a post, you also publish it as an article and share it with your groups too. Again, when you’re posting in groups, make sure your content is of interest to them.
  4. Medium – this is one of the many places I share my blogs. The functionality is very similar to when you post an Article on LinkedIn and there are all sorts of different topics you can tag your content with, ranging from technology and media, to design and business. There are absolutely loads of interesting articles on there too, which are well worth dipping into, regardless of whether or not you’ve got anything to post.
  5. Reddit – now this site is a lot like Marmite, you’re going to love it or hate it. I’m yet to fully warm to it although I do religiously post my blogs on there. The design’s not very sophisticated, the site is very particular about how you upload your content and there aren’t many categories to choose from either (but that could just be for copywriting). But, on the whole, this site has a massive following, so if you can achieve traction with your blogs, then it could really pay off for you.

So that’s five suggestions I’ve just quickly reeled off the top of my head. There are many more options out there, some better than others.

The main point is, not sharing your blogs will limit the chances of them being seen and commented on and passed around by others. Yes, it takes time, but it’s time that’s worth investing in, as it’ll help make sure that your blog efforts really do stand out rather than disappear into the ether.


23rd May 2018

Is Andrews

Helpful post, thanks Sanina. I hadn’t come across SlideShare before, so thanks for the flag. Blogging can take a chunk of time, so it’s great to maximise the investment!

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