How to help your customers weather the storm

Anna Metcalfe

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Are you getting bombarded by (now) irrelevant messaging? Discounts from stores you can no longer get to? Incentives that seem rather, well, trivial in the grand scheme of things?

There’s a BIG point to learn from this…

It’s time to stop and check your business messaging.

What was relevant and resonating last month, isn’t now. Your audience has a new set of frustrations and needs.

People are understandably reeling with the need to work from home, juggling childcare, food supplies and everyone’s health. Everything’s changed in a matter of weeks.

You need to as well.

Find a more relevant message

If you’re creating content (emails, articles, editorial) that will go out in the next few months, I urge you to sense-check it. And possibly change it. Your customers need you to help them and that might be in a different way to what you’re currently doing.

You might need to change the service you’re offering.

You might need to advise them on different ways to work.

You definitely need to support them and help them through it all.

We all want to carry on doing business. And we must. Everyone needs a semblance of order and purpose. We all need to earn a living too. But the way it’s been done won’t wash for many right now.

To ignore this fact could see your customers turn their back on you, just when you need them most.

So, once you’ve got your head around this new way of working, think about how you need to communicate with your customers in order to continue your business. Think about how you can genuinely help them in this time of need. And when that’s clear, adjust your messaging and your content planning accordingly.

Use this time with clear purpose

I also want to encourage you to use your remote time constructively. Many of my clients are expecting a dip in sales, but they’re keen to push on with their marketing and communication projects. Refreshed web copy, improvements to email campaigns and new case studies are all on the list.

Perhaps this could be a constructive move for you too?

They’ll become stronger and more competitive after such focus. Better positioned to build sales later in the year.

The current situation is without doubt, unwelcome and unruly. But it’s up to each one of us to make the most of it and help our customers through it.

With that in mind, I’d be happy to chat through your current messaging and communication, with no obligation at all. Some experienced advice might help you see the way forward. Because there is one, I assure you.

I’m here to help, please just ask.

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