Ghosting freelancers (part 2): ghosting referrals

Dee Primett

Wicked Creative UK

So, a while back I wrote a blog post about ghosting freelancers and why it’s not cool.

But, something else has been happening increasingly more often lately that also needs a mention. Ghosting freelancers AFTER you have specifically asked for a referral to them.

Our freelance community is epic, especially our copywriting freelance community. We don’t view ourselves as competitors. In fact, we are more than happy to pass work over to others when we are too busy, or we know we aren’t the right fit for a project.

So, when an enquiry like this comes in, we contact the client and let them know. All too often, they ask us if we know anyone who would be suitable or if there’s anyone specific we can recommend. And we do it if we can.

Why? Because it’s great to help out other freelancers and the client gets the benefit of being put in contact with one or more of our trusted network of colleagues rather than having to spend time and money pursuing other avenues themselves. Win-win….

Or so you would think, right?

What really boils my pee is when clients have specifically asked for a referral to someone else… then don’t follow it up. Tumbleweed. They don’t even give them the courtesy of getting in touch to say that they aren’t the right fit, they’ve found someone else etc.

It’s even worse when you’ve been directly introduced via email or social media. I’ve had this happen to me, and to people I have referred for jobs in the last few months.

It can actually take time for us to find the right people to refer to you. We have to give them your requirements, ask them if they are available, and pass on your details. In some cases, we will even introduce you directly.

We are trying to help you out, to make sure that you get the right freelancer for your needs. We are trying to connect you with experienced freelancers that we respect and admire and that we know will do a great job for you.

If they aren’t a good fit, if you’ve found someone else, if the project is on hold or you’ve simply changed your mind, tell us – we can handle it, I promise. But. please don’t disrespect the referral process by then ghosting. Thanks, on behalf of freelancers everywhere.

What do you think?

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