Copywriting life

03 May 2022

Why you shouldn’t ask copywriters about ROI

Doug Smith explains why your copywriter can’t guarantee you success

26 Apr 2022

What to do when you’re feeling negative

Sally M Fox has some suggestions for overcoming our brain’s negative default setting

08 Mar 2022

What I learnt from taking a digital holiday from Instagram

Just over a year ago, I deleted Instagram. I was tired, drained and ready for a break.

22 Feb 2022

Empathy as a career strength

Why is empathy helpful if you’re a freelancer? Emma Wright explains

03 Feb 2022

How to be a stoic copywriter

Jamie Ryder on the lessons that copywriters can learn from philosophers

07 Dec 2021

Why freelancers need to break out of their comfort zones

Dee Primett on the benefits of feeling the fear and doing it anyway

09 Nov 2021

Why you should aim to give your freelancers at least 2 weeks’ notice

Dee Primett explains why your freelancer might not be able to start on your project right away

27 Oct 2021

Bottle your brilliance. Get more copywriting clients

Anna McLoughlin’s guide to making sure you know exactly what makes your copywriting business different

26 Oct 2021

Not all clients are good for your freelance business

Ben McKinney explores some ways to deal with difficult clients

20 Sep 2021

When client relationships go sour

Jenny Lucas’ suggestions for spotting, and dealing with, badly behaved clients

07 Sep 2021

5 reasons being a digital nomad makes you want to shout ‘freedom!’

Richard King sings the praises of deciding what work looks like for you

25 Aug 2021

AMENDageddon: are you sabotaging your own content?

Tessa Parry-Wingfield’s guide to stopping endless rounds of amends from squeezing the magic out of your copy

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