Copywriting life

great_content_skills-debate_credit_ben-laine-toner_www-realadventure-co-uk 23 Nov 2016

Read highlights from the Bristol Content Group as they discuss recruiting copywriters and content marketers,

work-with-agencies 18 Nov 2016

What’s the secret to getting hired by agencies? 31 Oct 2016

Which books should every copywriter read?

guide 27 Oct 2016

What’s the point of mentors? Ben Hampson has the answers…

gds-trust-users-delivery 11 Oct 2016

In the third of four posts, Sarah Richards, former Head of Content at GOV.UK, continues her story.

gov-uk-stamps 30 Sep 2016

Why did the UK government need a crack team of content designers to cure their web woes?

gds-whiteboard 23 Sep 2016

Sarah Richards, former head of the UK’s digital content team, explains how content people became known as ‘content designers’.

home-office-595476_1280-1 20 Sep 2016

Becky Matthews discusses the benefits of ghostwriting – both for copywriters and clients.

woolworths 03 Aug 2016

If a recession is around the corner, how you can you prepare to survive the downturn?

IMG_1539 25 Jul 2016

Why limit your creative partnerships? How could partnering with a different professional lead to great creative work? 22 Jun 2016

How does PCN membership benefit copywriters? Anna Gunning shares her experiences of finding clients and getting support from PCN.