Copywriting life

03 Aug 2015

On the copywriting life: where creativity meets commerce

Katherine Wildman on the joys of creative writing and how it can help copywriters.

13 Jul 2015

What’s more important: copy or design?

Julian Abel on the sometimes delicate relationship between design and copy.

06 Jul 2015

How comedy writing can make you a more confident copywriter

Kady Potter says writing and performing comedy has given her a professional advantage in ways she wasn’t expecting.

26 Jun 2015

How to tame a creative mind and trap your ideas

Is being free to work anywhere and at any time a gift or a curse for freelance copywriters?

22 Jun 2015

What’s so bloody wrong with in-house?

Honor Clement-Hayes on why a comfortable in-house copywriting life is for her.

07 May 2015

Are you adding value? Then you need to be charging for it

Why copywriters should ditch day rates and price-per-word fees, and use value-based pricing instead.

20 Apr 2015

How to deal with copywriting feedback

Every copywriter needs to find an effective way to deal with client feedback on their work.

28 Nov 2014

Is copywriting dying?

What’s the best way to communicate the value of copywriting today?

28 Nov 2014

Is copywriting dead, or just changing?

Smarayda Christoforou invites PCN members to take part in the DMA’s copywriting census.

Lego diver on the sea bed
11 Dec 2012

Swimming in a sea of research

How much research do you do before you start writing?

Brain out of order
07 Nov 2012

The month I lost my zest for writing…

For the first time in about a month, I’ve regained my enthusiasm for writing. But how do you cope when you lose your zing “” and you haven’t even noticed?

09 Oct 2012

Writing to sell (your writing)

Do you write what the job requires – or what the client prefers?

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