21 May 2015

Setting up shop: lessons from the copywriting Twitterati

Jenii Lowe asked the copywriters of Twitter what advice they would give to a freelance copywriter who’s just starting out.

20 May 2015

5 ways the Pro Copywriters’ Network can help you

Five chunky reasons why you should become a member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network.

18 May 2015

How to get paid on time, every time

Caroline Gibson sets out some practical steps you can take to make sure you’re paid for your freelance copywriting work on time.

07 May 2015

Are you adding value? Then you need to be charging for it

Why copywriters should ditch day rates and price-per-word fees, and use value-based pricing instead.

20 Apr 2015

How to deal with copywriting feedback

Every copywriter needs to find an effective way to deal with client feedback on their work.

15 Apr 2015

Never knowingly undersold

Why knowing your value and sticking to it is essential for a successful freelance copywriting career.

11 Jun 2013

Can life coaches help you be a better freelance writer?

How can a life coach, or business coach, help your freelance copywriting career?

23 Apr 2013

New recommended rates now online

Our revised recommended rates are now online.

04 Mar 2013

Freelance copywriting as a second career

How I moved from a career with numbers to a new one with words.

26 Feb 2013

Content mill Q&A

Q&A with our co-founder Tom Albrighton on the subject of content mills.

24 Jan 2013

Don’t let irrational fears kill your freelance ambition

Many would-be freelancers are held back by fears. But are they really justified?

09 Oct 2012

Writing to sell (your writing)

Do you write what the job requires – or what the client prefers?

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