08 May 2024

Freelancing: what to do when it all goes quiet

Freelancing as a copywriter is nothing if not a rollercoaster. There are some huge highs. The thrill of winning a new client. The realisation that the more you work, the […]

20 Feb 2024

Transitioning from Web Designer to UX Writer

Andrew Backhouse shares his experience of transitioning from web designer to UX writer.

Cash burning - missing out on copywriting opportunities
08 Dec 2023

Still not offering this easy and essential upsell?

The value of offering elevator pitches and positioning statements as a service.

11 Jul 2023

How much do freelance copywriters charge in 2023?

With a new average day rate of £433 in our 2023 Copywriters Survey – we carve up the data to see what we can we learn about freelance copywriter day rates.

15 Jun 2023

Dealing with the F-word

Nick Oldham extols the benefits of calling yourself a freelancer

07 Jun 2023

The value of investing in yourself and your business

Rebecca Harrison on the benefits of looking after yourself and investing money back into your business.

25 Apr 2023

Surviving school holidays as a freelancer

Dee Primett shares what she’s learned about getting through the school holidays when ayou’re a freelancer and a parent

21 Feb 2023

How to set targets for your business

Bonnie Harrington’s process for creating targets that will help you meet your business goals

08 Feb 2023

Does an experienced freelance copywriter mean an expensive freelance copywriter?

You get what you pay for when it comes to copywriting says Caroline Gibson

18 Jan 2023

First rule of freelancing – don’t be a pain in the arse

Jonathan Wilcock on the benefits of a freelancer who’s easy for clients to work with

23 Nov 2022

Content outsourcing from a freelance writer’s perspective

Catherine Every delves into outsourcing – who does it, who doesn’t and why not.

23 Aug 2022

Why it’s OK to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’

Saying no to freelance work isn’t easy, but Geraldine Jones has found that it’s sometimes best for all involved

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