job-ad 26 Oct 2016

Read the results of our small survey of freelance copywriters who use job sites to find work.

quiz2 20 Oct 2016

Help us write a balanced review of freelance job sites like Upwork and People Per Hour…

kapow 12 Oct 2016

Krysten Swindells explores the benefits that copywriters bring to websites.

mentorclub 28 Sep 2016

Launching PCN’s first Mentor Club – a free mentoring circle open to all copywriters.

emergency 15 Sep 2016

When the phone stops ringing and your inbox empties – how can you drum up work in a hurry?

redflag 08 Sep 2016

What are the warning signs that a potential client might be a total nightmare?

louise_swift 18 Aug 2016

Dawn Kofie interviews Louise Swift to learn how a copywriter and a web developer work together.

Love 11 Aug 2016

Krysten Swindells of Oh So Coco talks about self-employment and how it can, at times, feel like dating.

woolworths 03 Aug 2016

If a recession is around the corner, how you can you prepare to survive the downturn?

tools 28 Jul 2016

Anna Gunning shares seven apps and services that can supercharge your content marketing.

late payment 20 Jul 2016

You deserve to get paid for your work. In this post we consider ways to ensure you get paid – and what you can do when clients won’t pay.