What I know

22 Sep 2020

Why writers shouldn’t be afraid of AI

Sharon Gethings on why she thinks we have nothing to fear from robot writers.

Woman in an office who's just about to write something up on a wall
03 Mar 2019

10 things l learned about writing by not writing

Tom Albrighton shares a list of the things that everyday life has taught him about writing.

The word Yeah!! written in capital letters in pink pen on a white piece of paper.
07 Feb 2019

Let’s talk about how brilliant copywriters are

Why Anna Gunning thinks we should celebrate copywriting and give ourselves a pat on the back.

A stethoscope on a table next to a laptop
24 Oct 2018

Nurse to copywriter — a natural progression?

Helen Barnes’ thoughts on what nursing and copywriting have in common.

A twisting mountain path that's divided into two.
25 Apr 2018

The Accidental Copywriter

David Elliott describes his twisty turny route into copywriting.

28 Feb 2017

Black dogs and blue Mondays: freelancing and depression

How do you cope with depression when your livelihood relies on you being productive?

29 Apr 2016

On going freelance and facing fears

Jessica Neill discusses the challenges of going freelance, and committing to something that can feel risky…

02 Nov 2015

What I know about copywriting: Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers talks sticky copy, split tests and converting like a mofo.

20 Jul 2015

What I know about copywriting: Laura Jordan Bambach

Laura Jordan Bambach shares her thoughts on finding inspiration and the current state of creative copywriting.

24 Jun 2015

What I know about copywriting: Sean Doyle

Copywriting legend Sean Doyle on the art of headline writing and what the Economist got so right.

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