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Anna Gunning

Gunning Marketing

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, because you’re a copywriter and you know how wonderful you are. But stick with me for a minute.

I was chatting to some other copywriters recently. There was the usual griping about briefing challenges, unrealistic deadlines, billing issues, inefficient sign-off processes and dodgy amends. Just another day at the coal face, right?

But what was clear was that these writers – who specialise in different areas, work both agency and freelance, and have different levels of experience – had all developed an expertise in navigating these many challenges. They continuously deliver compelling copy – often against the odds.

Copywriters are a creative bunch (and not just in crafting a turn of phrase). Being a copywriter requires you to be a strategist, negotiator, peace-maker, subject matter expert, grammar nerd and debater. Despite the introverted stereotype, you need to be able to stand up for your recommendations while still taking on feedback. It’s a mix of qualities you don’t get in many other jobs.

And copywriters don’t give themselves enough credit for this.

There’s a great year of copywriting ahead of us, so let’s spend it giving ourselves credit where it’s due. Let’s make it a year of confidence and community – where we stand up for good writing and celebrate the full range of skills we possess. Here are a few ideas on how to make this happen:

  • Copywriting Conference 2019 – I always finish CopyCon with a buzz and get to my desk the next day brimming with enthusiasm. This year is another great line-up that will broaden your understanding of copywriting’s diverse skillbase. Plus, you meet copywriters from across the country and around the world
  • Manchester copywriting conference in June – line-up TBC, but Lorrie Hartshorn, Andrew Nattan and co are preparing another great day up North. Keep an eye on Twitter for emerging details
  • #copywritersunite on Twitter and in person – use Vikki Ross’ hashtag. And go to the quarterly drinks, which are held in cities from Manchester to Bournemouth. Being able to bounce ideas and frustrations off your local peers is invaluable
  • Subscribe to a copywriting podcast or 3 – Glenn Fisher has hit the ground running with his new All Good Copy podcast, there’s great B2B chat on Radix’s Good Copy Bad Copy, and Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon are great fun on the Hot Copy Podcast
  • Pick a more general marketing and business book – my 2018 highlight was Richard Shotton’s Choice Factory, and Seth Godin’s new This is Marketing recently arrived (if you’re interested in my bookshelf)

I hope to see you around this year – in person and online.


7th February 2019

Andy Nattan

Thanks Anna!

I can confirm the lineup for the Creative North conference that Lorrie and I (and Martin Williams, Ben Hampson) have been working on.

Anna Pickard – Head of Brand Communications, Slack
Tom Cheesewright – Applied Futurist
Tolani Shoneye – Digital Content Creator and Podcaster
Naomi Timperley – Engagement Consultant
Nick Parker – Rent-a-Gob
Peter Stephen – Senior Copywriter
Dr Francesca Sobande – Lecturer in Marketing and Digital Media

9th February 2019

Lucy Bower

Yes to this positivity Anna! After a difficult performance review last week, I needed to read something like this. I’ve taken on some criticism and feedback from my managers and by adopting some new behaviours and a more proactive attitude this week, I feel like I’m doing a completely different job! I feel like I’m starting to understand what the role of a 21st century Cooywriter is in a way I never have before and your blog here has articulated the different hats we wear in this role.

The introverted stereotype, I can relate to that and you’re right, its not a wholly accurate label. I think I will answer your call to action to get involved with the Copywriting community. As the only Copywriter in my department, it’s something I would greatly appreciate.

11th February 2019

Anna Gunning

Thanks, Lucy. Definitely get more involved in the community – everyone’s so lovely, and it’s particularly helpful when you’re the lone copywriter in a creative team. We’re each other’s tribe!

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