06 Apr 2022

Growing up in public: learning the 5 Ps of progress when you’re a freelance copywriter

Thomas Ridge reflects on the most important considerations during his time as a freelancer

23 Mar 2022

Self-care tips for health communicators

Anneliese Levy on dealing with the mental and emotional impact of health writing and health research

17 Mar 2022

Just give me the words and shut the heck up!

What can you learn from not being chosen for a copywriting project? Lots says Helen Gent

16 Mar 2022

Meaty, mighty truth: 5 freelancing feelings to challenge and overcome

Amber Smith’s advice on some of the emotions that can come up when you start freelancing and how to cope with them

02 Mar 2022

How to respond to the worst job posts in the world

Doug Smith’s suggestions for dealing with potential clients who are tight-lipped when it comes to details about their project

01 Mar 2022

Tips for first time book writers, from a first time book writer

Where on earth do you start when you’re writing a book? And how do you deal with the non-writing parts of the process? Helen Hill shares her experiences

16 Feb 2022

Price per project or price per hour?

Catherine Every tackles the perennial pricing question

30 Nov 2021

How to save for retirement when you’re self-employed

Even if your retirement’s not for decades, Jenni Hill explains why you need to start putting money away for it now

24 Nov 2021

If your year could talk, what would it say?

Karin Weisler invites you to reflect on what you’ve done in the last 12 months.

27 Oct 2021

Bottle your brilliance. Get more copywriting clients

Anna McLoughlin’s guide to making sure you know exactly what makes your copywriting business different

A stack of gold and silver coloured Euro coins with a small person wearing a blue jacket perched on the edge, reading a newspaper
05 Oct 2021

Pricing per word is $hit

Charging by the word conveniently ignores the value copywriters provide says Ruth Sedar

20 Sep 2021

When client relationships go sour

Jenny Lucas’ suggestions for spotting, and dealing with, badly behaved clients

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