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I've been a professional copywriter running my own copywriting agency in Singapore for over 20 years and loving it! I'm from the UK, but manifest destiny took me to sunnier climes 30 years ago and I now spend my time travelling between the two.

In an age of AI everything🤖, I am passionate about keeping copy human - you know, really digging deep into who you are and who your clients are, communicating clearly the bridge you provide to take your clients from Point A, their current state, to Point B, their desired state and all the great benefits and outcomes they'll get by choosing you.

I specialise in:
- documenting your brand voice so that we remove the common obstacles of marketing your message - by defining it clearly for you
- writing the marketing materials that move the needle for your business: web pages, sales pages, case studies, stories for social media
- training your in-house team to write better copy, when you've decided not to outsource

Over the last 20 years I've written for MNCs, large SMEs, government agencies and business start-ups across all industries with a focus on hospitality, education, health and IT. I love simplifying messages so they are actually understood!

I'm the copywriter businesses turn to when they been burned too often by wanna-be writers promising the moon and falling far short.

The most common reaction I get from my clients?

"We wish we'd found you sooner!"

Other good-to-knows about me:
- I'm a mum to two amazing young adults
- I play the sax - 🎷 in my mind it's the sexiest sound on the planet (the sax - not me playing it)
- I'm a 🐶 lover but we have a 😺.🤷

I've just joined this platform so my portfolio is blank right now until I upload some samples. In the meantime, contact me to view my portfolio.


and communicate their message consistently while keeping copy authentic, original and human

  • Content marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Copy-editing
  • Conversion copywriting
  • Digital and SEO copywriting
  • Product descriptions
  • SaaS copywriting
  • Tone of voice
  • Training and Consultancy
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Education
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Lifestyle
  • Property and interiors
  • Science and Technology
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