Dawn Kofie

Dawn Kofie



Junior Copywriter

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  • Copy-editing
  • Digital and SEO Copywriting
  • PR and Journalism


  • Lifestyle

Qualifications & Awards

Postgraduate Certificate in Periodical Journalism
BA Hons English Studies with Film and Media Studies


When you sit down at your keyboard, instead of merrily typing away like Jessica Fletcher in the opening credits of Murder She Wrote, do you:

- overthink what you want to say?
- struggle to make what you put on the page sound like you?
- feel like you'd happily chuck your laptop out of the window?

If this sounds familiar, let me give you a hand.

I'm a copywriter who works with people who run creative small businesses.

Folk just like you who:

- know exactly what they want to say
- get fed up when the right words won't come
- sometimes get the urge damage expensive pieces of electronic equipment

I can help you make your message clearer than Beyonce's complexion, and inject some oomph and personality into your web copy and blogs.

Because the last thing your clients and customers want to read is anything dull, or that sounds robotic.

Like most of us, they're interested in themselves. They want to to know what you do, who you are and why they should care.

So if you need non-boring copy, and a friendly and reliable professional writer who's easy to work with, get in touch. It'd be great to have a chat about what you're after.



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