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I used to be a lawyer and technically, I'm a 'non-practising' solicitor. I now write copy and content for people who work in professional services, and it's the sort of content that positions you as the go-to person in your area of work.

I specialise in long-form copy. That's engaging, thought-provoking, informative content like articles, blogs, e-books, training materials and websites.

With regular, insightful content you can:
✅️ attract the case load and clients that really interest you (no more boring matters)
✅️ build and retain a steady flow of regular clients, who know who you are and what you do before you've even met
✅️ show a bit of personality so that you end up working with like-minded, generally likeable people

So how do I help you do that?

I write value-packed, personable content. It's well researched, logical and written with a little dash of flair. Articles on smart ideas don't need to bore the socks off your readers!

Here are some examples of the content I write for people in professional services:
✍️ regular articles for industry publications (like Lexology)
✍️ case law updates on the latest decisions in the courts
✍️ updates on topical and political issues such as the budget, and new policy
✍️ legal guides for your website
✍️ training materials for clients and junior team members
✍️ copy for your website

If you're wondering how some people manage to get their name *everywhere* and build their reputation, the secret is that they employ someone like me. I work away in the background so that you can publish valuable content and take all the credit. And I really love what I do.

(Almost as much as I love cats)






  • Content marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Tone of voice
  • White Papers
  • Business, finance and law
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