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Congratulations! You've found him. The finest copywriter on this entire directory. What are the chances? One in 800-something?
Fortune shines on you today. Go buy a lottery ticket!

Now that you don't have to waste time searching anymore, you can sit back, relax, and spend a few moments to consider copy and what it can do for your business. The fact you're here tells me you already know what you need.

Maybe you've got a rebranding project to launch, or a tired 'about us' page that needs a personality injection. A blog that nobody reads because it’s boring and not SEO-optimised. A sales page that ain’t sellin'.

Let’s turn that all around and make you some money.

The psychology of sales and the art of marketing are a fascination of mine and I'd love to get on with massaging your customers and lubricating those transactions. We'll have your competitors running scared and your customers gasping with joy. We can gratuitously stuff the gaping maw of the hungry content machine, or we can paint pretty pictures that make your cosy corner café sound like the quaintest joint in town.

It’s all about the narrative; storytelling that takes prospects from one exquisitely-mapped touchpoint to the next. I'll make readers salivate even if you *don't* put a photo of me next to the text.

While I *can* smash out a thousand words on the probiotic efficacy of sauerkraut (and am happy to do so), you'll find me at max RPM when I'm knee-deep in a challenging creative brief, tinkering with tone and wrestling with wordplay.

My first love is food. The opportunities for carving out a juicy slab of word meat, bristling with smoky barbecue decadence, are ripe.
So I’ve enjoyed branding work for non-alcoholic cocktails, artisan burgers, craft breweries, fermented health foods, coffee roasteries and 3D-printed vitamin supplements. But I’ve also written powerful copy and content for digital transformation consultancies, cybersecurity conglomerates, and minimalist tech startups. I am a hungry nerd.

Some actual feedback I received from creative directors, CEOs and marketing managers:
“Gorgeous, mate”
“The blog is brilliant. Changed a couple of words but it’s really good.”
“Spot on, just the job”
“Congratulations, you’ve won a Pulitzer”

In previous lives, I've been Media Director for one of Europe's biggest TEDx events, Marketing Manager for a prestigious research software company in London, and Community Manager for a recruitment tech startup. In contrast, I've also worked with an ambient musician in San Francisco and a sex toy store in France. Please don’t tell my mum.


I'll tell you a secret. I like to drink hot sauce right from the bottle when nobody's looking.

Here's another one. I think a lot of the copywriting veterans - who all happen to be middle-aged red-nosed blokes with a penchant for talking about themselves - aren't really as great as their reputation suggests. I know, I haven't sold my agency to WPP so who am I to talk, but come on.

Writing. In short sentences. Isn't the only way. To communicate.
We can do better.


I spent ages making a website when I could have been watching Chef's Table instead, so if you'd like to know more about my process, portfolio and prices, have a butchers --->

Or if you're all like, "enough talk, write words, make me money", then send me a message in the box below and we'll make music together. (Or money.)


Colony, Jactin House, 24 Hood St
Ancoats Urban Village
M4 6WX




  • Advertisements
  • Brochures and Leaflets
  • Content marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Copy-editing
  • Digital and SEO Copywriting
  • Product Descriptions
  • Tone of Voice
  • Training and Consultancy
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Business, finance and law
  • Consumer Goods
  • Education
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Lifestyle
  • Politics and Society
  • Science and Technology
  • Sport, travel and leisure
Qualifications & Awards
CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing, graduating September 2019.
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