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I found out recently I have a superpower.

I make sense of the world. That sounds rather grand and just a tad over-stated but it actually means I'm a problem solver. I probably always knew that but it's nice to know science backs me up.

From a copywriting standpoint it's super useful.

It means I can lots of data and information and make it understandable.

So if you need a message sorting out, I can probably help you. I'm good at strategy and messaging and I have glowing testimonials for my emails.

If you want Boring McBoring Face, move on, I'm probably not for you. But if you want email and other copy with character but not outrageous for outrageousness sake, let's have a word or two.

Although I'd love to do outrageous too.

Find me on Linkedin and Medium too.

Oh, and I also speak perfect French.

Let's chat.


Ashleigh Avenue



  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Content marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Copy-editing
  • Digital and SEO copywriting
  • Product descriptions
  • Tone of voice
  • B2B
  • Brand Naming
  • Consumer goods
  • Lifestyle
  • Politics and Society
  • Sport, travel and leisure
Qualifications & Awards
I got a history degree a long time ago, I've been translating and writing for almost 20 years. I wrote a book, Stories That Matter - The Everyday Stories Of Extraordinary Business People. Available at all good outlets (and not so good ones).

Seth Godin's altMBA changed my life. So did mindset coaching.

Trained by Copy Hackers.
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