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Golden rays stream through your window as the sun rises over the sea. The sky is bright and blue, the air crisp and fresh. It’s the start of another perfect day for exploring Alderney on foot.

If you like walking, you’ll love Alderney, with its wide open landscapes, green pastures and rugged cliffs. Although the island is just 3½ miles (5km) by 1½ miles (3km) at its widest point, it boasts over 50 miles (80km) of winding lanes and country paths, covering every part of the island from the main town through to the commons and the coast.

Forget about looking over your shoulder for traffic or clambering onto the verge to let cars pass. Alderney’s lanes are exceptionally quiet, with very little traffic beyond the town, and the speed limit is just 35mph (56kph). So there’s no noise, no fumes and no road rage – just you and the open road.

Alderney’s unspoilt natural environment is a true feast for the senses. In spring, the peaceful wooded valleys are filled with a profusion of blackthorn and elder blossom, while the coastal heathlands are covered with yellow, coconut-scented gorse. By summer, the coastal tracks are alive with thousands of wild flowers of every shape and colour.

As you walk, keep your eyes open for the island’s unusual birds and animals. By day, you might spot a pheasant, kestrel or peregrine falcon, as well as several thousand gannets. Venture out by night and you might be lucky enough to see a black rabbit or one of Alderney’s famous blonde hedgehogs.

Art lovers can take the Alderney Stones walk, which takes in 11 site-specific sculptures created by internationally renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy, each made from materials found locally.

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