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A busy lifestyle can leave you feeling tense, tired or full of toxins. Maybe you’re working too hard at the office, or in the gym. Maybe you’ve spent a day on the go, or a night on the town. You need a natural, convenient way to restore your inner balance.

Purelosophy is a range of functional drinks to help you feel rejuvenated, relaxed and re-energised. They’re 100% natural, with no refined sweeteners, colours or chemicals – just Alpine water, herbal extracts and fruit juices.

Choose Purelosophy and live your life in balance. Naturally.

Absolutely nothing but nature.

Purelosophy drinks are totally natural. That means no artificial sweeteners, no additives and no preservatives. Just crystal-clear Alpine water, delicious fruit juices and carefully selected plant extracts.

Our drinks get their great taste from their delicate mix of natural extracts and juices. And they stay fresh because they’re gently pasteurised and cleverly packaged.

Each ingredient we put into Purelosophy has been fully tested and is classed as a food rather than a medicine. All you’ll find in our drinks is what we’ve found in nature.

Purelosophy drinks fit perfectly into a healthy diet. They’re not carbonated, making them easy on your digestion They’re low or mid glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL), so they release energy steadily and gradually, and contain around 30 calories per 100ml.

If you care about health, Purelosophy is the natural choice.

Purelosophy gives back what life takes away.

You live life to the full. But a full life can sometimes leave you feeling stressed, unsettled or drained. Purelosophy drinks use the power of nature to help you feel more relaxed, purified and energised.
Purelosophy is designed for the way you want to live. You like to feel fresh, alert and in tune with your body. But you don’t like medicines, additives or artificial stimulants – and you don’t want side effects or after-effects either.

Purelosophy was created holistically, not chemically. We selected natural ingredients with proven beneficial properties and carefully blended them to create three subtle and distinctive flavours.
The result is a range that delivers real benefit, tastes great and won’t harm your health.

Purelosophy brings back your balance – naturally.

A drink you can see, touch, smell and taste.

Some ‘energy’ drinks are just bottled buzz. Other ‘health drinks’ are simply vehicles for vitamins. Many are little more than sugared water.

Purelosophy is something different: a truly sensual experience that will delight your body and your mind.

Look at the pure white design and you can see how much we value purity, simplicity and honesty.

Hold the innovative, environmentally friendly container and you can feel how different it is from metallic cans, cold glass or lifeless plastic.

Open your drink and breathe in the delicate aroma of fruits in the summer sun and fragrant herbs in the autumn breeze.

Take your first mouthful and savour a taste that is clean and refined; deep and complex; intense yet mellow.

Purelosophy is better in every sense.

Tom Albrighton

ABC Copywriting


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