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Blog post on Fire Roller Shutters

As part of a project for a major client, this article was 1 of 5 written covering varying aspects of commercial Fire Roller Shutters. My client was Lollipop Local Ltd – a specialist marketing agency for the Fire and Security sector. And each blog article was to be around 800-1000 words long.

An important part of the brief was to write each article in a style that set it apart from the usual industry standard.

Here are the opening few paragraphs…

When and where are Fire Roller Shutters required?

         It raged for four days. A fire so intense flames leapt from building to building, quickly spreading among a maze of narrow, tightly packed streets. Riverside warehouses full of combustible materials became a wall of flame. And thousands could do nothing but flee for their lives.

All this from the smouldering hot coals of a baker’s oven.

But in 1666, there was no such thing as a fire roller shutter. Had there been, Thomas Farriner’s bakery might not have been the source of the inferno they quickly dubbed The Great Fire of London.

Yet, it’s not just bakeries that need modern fire protection measures installed.


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