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Blog post on Commercial Fire Alarm maintenance requirements

The brief was to write a 1000-word article on Commercial Fire Alarm service and maintenance requirements. And to be written in a way that didn’t follow the usual ‘boring’ industry style.

The project is part of an ongoing relationship with specialist marketing agency for the Fire and Security sector – Lollipop Local.

Here are the opening five paragraphs of the article…

<H1>Commercial Fire Alarm Service and Maintenance requirements </H1>

Thirty seconds! That’s all it takes. Thirty short seconds: time enough for a seemingly small fire to begin taking hold and spread. Give it another five minutes, and as long as its three core elements – heat, oxygen, and fuel – are sustained, it may already be out of control.

And the longer a fire goes undetected, the more destructive its power will become.

That’s why having an appropriate fire alarm system as part of your fire protection measures is vital. Because a fire will be detected much sooner with an alarm installed – buying valuable time. Time for those inside a building to escape. And time to tackle a blaze before it gets out of control.

But an alarm isn’t just vital for fire safety, it’s also a legal requirement.

Under UK fire safety regulations, you must have a fire alarm system installed if you have five or more staff on site. But did you know this law also requires you to have your alarm system regularly serviced and maintained?


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