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Blog writing for Easy Peasy Greeny

When you run a business, you won’t have time to write your own blogs but you can get me to do it for you. I ghost-write blogs in your voice and ensure that they are search engine optimised. Easy Peasy Greeny asked me to write this blog for them to talk about why they did their recent giveaway. 

Easypeasy eco swaps

If you’re thinking of going green but don’t know where to begin, it’s easier to start small by swapping some of your everyday essentials with eco-friendly alternatives. 

In April I did an eco-bundle giveaway with the aim to inspire people to make simple changes that will make a huge impact on the environment. I know a lot of people want to be greener and do their bit for the environment, but there are usually three hurdles that stand in their way from the start:

  • Will it be more expensive? 
  • Will I have to shop around for speciality shops?
  • Will I have to put up with inferior products?

The truth is, the answer is no to all of these hurdles, and I wanted to demonstrate this with my April giveaway. If I could show just one person that greener alternatives are easily available, sometimes less expensive and just as good, if not better, then I know I’ve made a difference. 


Dianne Vanstone

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