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Brochure copy for Monaflex

There are many occasions when handing out a brochure is more effective than pointing someone to your website. Print marketing has many unique benefits: You can target specific messages to a specific audience • You can mail your brochures directly to your clients to prompt and remind them to use your services or products • You can make your customers feel special by creating beautiful brochures that include exclusive discounts • Plus, when you send a brochure you are guaranteed to get your customer’ undivided attention without adverts popping up in the back ground from the competition.

Here’s a snippet of brochure copy I crafted for Monaflex, a market leader in tyre repairs.


(Header) Complete tyre maintenance solutions


At Monaflex we provide the strongest tyre repair system in the industry, as well as a first-class training and support package, and an online store stocking all the tools you need to get you back on the road. 

Having the right tyre management plan and setup in place can be time-consuming and complex, but using our expertise as industry world leaders, we have streamlined the process and provide proven solutions tailored to your business. 

Whether you need help setting up your repair operations, advice on how to get more from your fleet or bespoke training for your staff, we can coordinate efficient and effective solutions that increase the productivity of your tyres, save you time and money, reduce human resources and fulfil your sustainability commitment.

(sub-header) A solution-driven service

Our team is one of the most experienced in the tyre repair industry, having worked with every imaginable type of tyre repair operation, from one-man agricultural-focused operations to the biggest mines in the world running 24-hour fleets. 

That’s why we love to share our expertise and experience. We can guide you and give you the benefit of our unparalleled knowledge and insights. 

(sub-header) We can help you by…

  • Providing advice on how to prolong the life of your fleet of vehicles
  • Designing your tyre repair operation from scratch
  • Fine tuning your tyre repair setup and problem solving
  • Delivering bespoke training sessions to your team – see page 6
  • Providing on-going technical support – see page 7

(sub-header) Innovators for over 60 years 

We’ve been in the industry for over 60 years supporting global industries in mining, construction, farming and haulage. Our tyre repair system was the first of its kind all those years ago. Innovating and pioneering advanced technologies, is still at the heart of everything we do today. We’re dedicated to finding the best solutions and products for you.

(Separate panel down right side of the spread)

“During the working life of an earthmover, a great deal more will be spent in total on new tyres than was paid out on the original machine”



Dianne Vanstone

Blue Book Creative




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