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From scratch, I overhauled the website of interior designer and property expert Natalia Barbour. We agreed that her previous website copy was woolly, lifeless, pretentious, cliched and at times confusing. Working collaboratively, we set out her business’s strengths in simpler, more direct language, but in a tone that would appeal to her upmarket, sophisticated clientele. What follows is an extract from the site appraisals page.


Better safe than sorry


A property that looks promising at first can cause serious difficulties further down the line. Fortunately, these issues can be avoided with a site appraisal and feasibility study.


Start from a solid base

You’ve found a property that appears to have the makings of a perfect home or investment – but unbeknownst to you, it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

The problems that lie in wait for developers are not always obvious. Worse than that, some pitfalls are potentially calamitous.

Planning restrictions you were unaware of might convince council officials to throw out proposals you’d assumed were a safe bet.

Flood risk or poor soil conditions could rule out an underground car park you’d planned for.

Or you may discover – by studying records of its planning history, applications and appeals – that the site has reached its maximum development limit.

With a site appraisal and feasibility study, the Bureau can determine what, if any, hurdles you’re likely to encounter, and whether it would be cheaper and less traumatic to look elsewhere.


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