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You can read the Elite Franchise supplement, which includes case studies and a CEO interview, here.

Here’s the introduction:

Getting older is a fact of life, and for many, welcoming a carer into their own home is vastly preferable to moving into residential care. As the number of senior citizens grows, this presents a compelling business opportunity.

Franchise provider Caremark, which recognised this fact some years ago, offers professionals from different sectors the means to develop a community-based – and potentially highly profitable – visitor service. Founded in 2005, it is now the UK’s leading provider of in-home care services.

Currently, it has an established network of more than 110 franchisees – and with another 12 overseas territories, enjoys an increasing presence at home and abroad.

Caremark’s tried-and-tested methodology, sterling reputation and people-centred philosophy are key factors in its success.

Over the years, the company has developed and refined a robust system, bolstered by strong policies and procedures, to help franchisees develop the highest standards of care and support. Crucially, it also enables them to grow a sustainable business.

Under this proven model, the care manager builds and supervises a team of trusted care and support workers. Consequently, every Caremark franchise can focus on developing their business.

In addition, adhering to this resilient system reduces risk for the new business owner – a prime consideration during that vitally important first year.

As a full member of the British Franchise Association, Caremark prides itself on honesty and transparency. A strong code of ethics informs the company’s every action.

For all these reasons and more, it has built a respected and reputable brand, providing instant credibility to each new franchisee. This level of trust provides a springboard to building a working client base in the community.

On a practical level, Caremark’s excellent relationship with numerous high street banks plays a major role in helping new franchise partners with funding.

Given its proven business opportunity, it’s no wonder that Caremark continues to attract a wide range of professionals – who, incidentally, don’t need to have a background in care, thanks to its full training and ongoing support.

What’s more important is business management experience, along with a passion for the care sector, a genuine desire to grow a community-based service and the drive to build a sustainable business.

As you read through this supplement, you’ll also discover the common denominator that unites these extraordinary franchisees: a desire to give something back to society and make a difference to the most vulnerable people in their communities.


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