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Case studies for Energy Systems Catapult

Energy Systems Catapult was set up to accelerate the transformation of the UK’s energy system and ensure UK businesses and consumers capture the opportunities of clean growth.


Energy Systems Catapult approached us to draft 15 case studies to a tight deadline, with the ultimate aim of showcasing the impact of its work to stakeholder audiences, as well as demonstrating to the government that it’s fulfilling its mandate.


Our first step was to review and refine the organisation’s case study template, making it easier to demonstrate project impact. For example, we added a pull-out box highlighting outcomes and introduced subheadings to emphasise key points and make the detailed case studies more easily scannable.

This gave us a solid foundation from which we could work through the detailed information the organisation provided for each case study. Distilling the information – which was often technical and complex – we were able to highlight Energy Systems Catapult’s wide-ranging impact for Innovate UK (it’s major funder) and the wider energy market.


Updating the structure of the case studies – and creating a clear and compelling copy – has enabled Energy Systems Catapult to communicate the value of its work clearly and concisely to stakeholders.

The organisation was impressed with our ability to grasp complex topics quickly and to deliver to a high standard within a tight timeframe.

What the client said

“Anna and Gunning Marketing provided the Energy Systems Catapult with a comprehensive copywriting service, collaborating with our different business units and partners to produce a range of case studies to highlight the impact of our work. The service we received was tailored to our needs and delivered over and above our expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an exceptional copywriting and content generation partner, no matter the subject matter!”

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