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Case study for Spearhead Machinery

Tom halves operational time with Multicut 460

Maintaining upwards of 1,000 hectares whilst rearing over 2,700 dairy cattle across three farms, Tom has a huge amount of pasture to manage. Choosing the right tools for the job has transformed his business in many ways.

A third-generation South African farmer, Tom has been running the family business with his father for three years. Established by his grandfather, the focus of Mearns Farming is dairy and seasonal calving across three sites. The business is currently growing to a total of 3,000 cattle.

A tough climate demands strong tools

Typical of South Africa, rough and uneven ground is a constant challenge for Tom. And the harsh climate can be very dry and arid during the summer, followed by very low temperatures across the winter. Robust machinery that stands up to the job is essential.

“Prior to purchasing the Spearhead Multicut 460 about 18 months ago, we were using a couple of three-metre mowers. This was taking quite a bit of time. Having stronger summer grasses to manage in South Africa, it’s important to mow down to where you want it to be for quality grazing. It was clear that to get the job done more quickly, we needed something bigger.”

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