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Open space management options for developers

Today’s housebuilders face many challenges. Skills shortages, land availability and planning restrictions leave you with little enthusiasm for the ongoing management of open space. And yet, it’s often a legal obligation to meet before you can sign-off your site.

The answer?

Involve a company with the legal expertise, biodiversity background and management ability to handle this aspect of your development; from planning application to long-term maintenance.

  • Experts at designing and managing open space
  • Win your planning application with the right plans
  • A proven process for legal transfer of land
  • Promotional literature to support your sales team
  • Move on to your next site more swiftly

Betts Estates manages the open space on numerous new residential developments across the Midlands and Yorkshire regions, having worked with many major PLC housebuilders.

We’re known to planning authorities, for good reason. They welcome our input, which will smooth your planning permission through more easily.

Protecting your reputation and ensuring compliance, leave your open space work to us and focus on your next project.

Whether it’s green space, woodland, SUDs, listed structures or wetlands, Betts Estates has the expertise you need. It’s one headache you don’t need to suffer.

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