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Subject line: Is your field service knowledge secure?

Hi [first name],

Are you familiar with this scenario?

You need to hire a third-party contractor for one of your jobs. They’re not directly employed by you, but they need access to your technical data.

Your company security protocols make it difficult for the contractor to access what could be deemed as sensitive data. But without access to it, they cannot undertake the job for you.

As it stands, you’ll probably have an “all or nothing” situation. Give the engineer access to everything, or nothing at all.

This is tricky.

Allow full access to all your technical knowledge and the engineer could still have it after the job completes.

It’s risky, as you’re relying on the engineer deleting the data. You just have to trust they’ll delete it at the end of the contract.

Have you been there?

We’ve been approached by several field service businesses stuck in this frustrating situation. We’re pleased to tell them (and you) it is possible to overcome.

Good news! There’s an answer

We’re able to build functionality into AnswersAnywhere that helps security-conscious organisations control who sees what, and for how long. The contractor can be given clearance to access data on specific equipment only. They’ll be given a special licence to access the exact data they need, and nothing else.

In short, you’ll be able to create a unique login, with specific access permissions appropriate to the job in question.

Of course, AnswersAnywhere can work offline, so the contractor might wish to download the data to help him in a location with no mobile signal.

The clever bit?

You can set an expiry date on the data. A self-destruction date, if you like! No more reliance on trust alone.

This permission-based access is also perfect for the hierarchy of employees within your business. Or when a small team is working in an extremely security-conscious environment.

The ability to determine exactly what each engineer accesses is incredibly helpful and secure.

Furthermore, your organisation is demonstrating to clients how seriously you take the security of their business and assets.

Do you sometimes need to restrict access to your technical data? Are you relying on trust alone? And do you worry about it getting into the wrong hands?

I’d love to have a chat with you. At least you’d then fully understand the solution. Even if you’re not ready to take action just yet.

You’ll always find me at the end of the phone or by reply to this email. Please do get in touch if I can help you.


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