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Convertri – update emails

At Convertri, updates are weekly. And not just a font-tweak or two – full features, page templates, bug fixes and overhauls, thanks to an incredible design and developer team who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘sleep’.

So when I’m not making videos about Albert Einstein fighting a hydra in space or crafting an affiliate offer email sequence for a new tool we love, I’m writing the weekly update email.

The update goes live on the blog, in our Facebook group, and in the inbox of every single Convertri user (which is a big bunch of people, and growing).

Sometimes, when we’re debuting a big new feature or there’s something to demo, I’ll also do an update video. That’s not one: that’s a Convertri Cast we did a little while ago about checkboxes and GDPR, where Albert Einstein fought a hydra in space. I just wanted to get it in here somehow.

Of course, Convertri is a complex bit of kit. So, not only do I need to be 100% familiar with existing aspects and workflows, I need to keep up with the dev team, get informed about developments, and stick up my hand whenever someone mentions a big word I don’t know like webhooks, or CNAME.

It can all get pretty exhausting. Which is why I love to cram as many pop culture references, puns, and witty mannerisms as I can into the weekly updates, as well as do my best to explain it all on a level anyone can understand.

The 3,100-odd members of the Convertri Facebook group think I do a good job.


Beth Scott


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