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Helping university stand out in competitive market

With student expectations higher than ever, universities must compete for every application. To achieve this means maximising unique strengths to give students a very strong offer.

London South Bank University (LSBU) knows this only too well. As an institute that has served London for 130 years it has adapted and grown through the decades to meet the city’s expectations. Its close ties with business mean its Research, Enterprise and Innovation centre is a hub of excellence that attracts and connects with over a hundred commercial concerns. Communicating with this discerning audience creates need for quality B2B resources.

That’s where we came in: to research case study content and carry out senior management interviews to produce a suite of brochures and an annual review. With LSBU’s creative look already established by Fabrik, we paid close attention to ensure all new content was a good fit within an already existing library of resources. Referring to the library also made it possible to maintain an existing tone of voice.

Project overview:

  • Gaining organization understanding
  • Pagination planning
  • Senior management interviews
  • Corporate storytelling

    Rachel Hodges

    Creative Content - Strategic Thinking | Corporate storyteller


    BR2 0SD


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