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Brand story:

Leave, on a high note

It all started with a lemon (figuratively speaking). We’re not one to name drop, but it involved ugly spreadsheets and clunky manual processes.

Our owner, Phil, grew tired trying to squeeze what goodness he could out of said software, and decided to make his own.

And boy, are we glad he did.  

In 2019, Leave Dates was launched. A refreshingly simple way to book holidays, time off in lieu and keep track of sick days – helping managers to focus on what’s truly important to their team, while reducing admin and errors.

Now, every day, thousands of people take control of their time off quickly, effortlessly and reassuringly, leaving them (and Phil) on a high.  

Putting the Whooop into ‘out of office’

Go on, bin those clunky manual processes, throw out those ugly spreadsheets and dance your way effortlessly through holiday admin with Leave Dates.

Let’s go >>>

Designed for employers

Hard working, available 24/7, a synchronising expert with a single source of out of office knowledge, Leave Dates is every employers’ employee of the month. And it can be yours by EOP.

Reliably fast features >>>

Empowering for employees

Give your team that Friday feeling every day, with ownership of their own time off. No waiting, no pondering, just complete freedom to check and book holiday via easy-to-use software.

Smiley, happy features >>>

Whistle while you work

Business can be a pleasure, when done right.


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