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Luxury car hire – descriptions

About this project

The client required 150 descriptions of different luxury cars available to hire. Aston Martin, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsch, Lamborghini, to name a few, all had to a have simple and stylish treatment within about a 150 to 180 word count.


The MINI Cooper S Cabriolet

If you are looking for a few days away with your friends, or a fun filled weekend with the roof down, the MINI Cooper S Cabriolet is the right car-hire for you. Maybe it’s a wedding party or a spa weekend in the country that you need to attend in style.  This sleek, good-looking and very up to the mini-te roadster is compact yet roomy – it will hold your cases and your champagne – safe and sturdy, its four wheels straddle the road securely, whilst being the most super sporty, youthful and streamlined car you can imagine.  It is a perfect weekend hire in Scotland or indeed anywhere that you need a sturdy yet sophisticated drive with your companions.

The Cooper S badge on the rear of the car demonstrates class and will add quality to those days away.  Stylish with black and chrome mesh grills and intakes, powerful with dual exhaust and sterling engine and exhilarating through its open top, this car-hire is perfect for you and your friends with fun and freedom in mind.  Enjoy!


The MINI Cooper S Cabriolet