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Brown rugs, impossible to go wrong

Have you ever thought of brown rugs for the very latest in fireside fashion? Brown, for a long time, experienced a barren period in terms of consumer choice. Not least because many felt brown to be dull and lifeless. However, quite rightly, brown has had a revival in recent years and is now riding high in the minds of the décor conscious.  Inspired by several winter catwalk collections, and trendy lifestyle magazines, not to mention the latest paint brochures on the shelves of the nations DIY stores, we are all interested in letting brown make its statement again. The feeling in room decoration circles is that brown is perfect to go with everything!

Brown rugs on silky wooden floors equally match bold turquoise painted walls, as swirly flocked crimson wallpapers, or even walls of more brown.  Your brown rug will be a versatile friend!

It is worth bearing in mind the variety of browns that you will find in your search.  A chocolate brown rug is a favourite, its rich and smooth colour reminding of the confectioners delight, a chestnut brown reminding of  autumn and children’s conker fights, clay and earthen browns bringing brown’s elemental character into your home. All in all brown rugs will bring extraordinary depth to your rooms and will suit all seasons.  Whether patterned or plain, multi-hued or shades of brown, smooth to the touch or shaggy,  your brown rug will bring you much pleasure and will team perfectly with modern or traditional décor, and a variety of wooden floors and furniture.  A brown rug would quite happily sit in a living room, a dining room, a bedroom or even a bathroom.  A brown rug, like any other, will protect your floors.


When searching for brown rugs it is better to go online and find a supplier who guarantees the lowest prices, who has thousands to choose from, who will even custom size your chosen rug, and will let you search by selecting ‘brown’.  In this way you can ensure that you buy the rug you actually really want, at the price you want, fill the space you want exactly and not have to search through hundreds of other colours just to get to the brown ones! You also need the choice of paying online or over the telephone, and know you can buy from anywhere in the world because the rugs can be shipped to your home. Is there such an online place?


As a person who loves rugs and who can find reason to buy an endless number of rugs for the different rooms, and decorating changes I have made, in my house, I recommend Land of Rugs at www.landofrugs.co.uk as a premier rug supplier with a serious focus on good rugs that delight the eye and don’t hurt the pocket. Give them a try and find those brown rugs that you can’t wait for.



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