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News piece for a company selling Marine tanks and equipment

Marine Tank: expanding online presence

As a speedy coming of age, Marine Tank has started to expand its presence within our digital media as is befitting a new online store selling everything over the internet.  Any such store needs to be featured on lots of feeder websites which steer the internet traffic towards its own wares, or it won’t survive. Good information lining its own web pages, state of the art equipment, highest quality products from the most reliable sources, the prettiest designs on each page and the best of intentions won’t necessarily add up to a successful online business.  Marine Tank is doing what it should do and essentially behaving like a new age e-baby reaching out to take its first steps in a digital world that fortunately, as it is still an embryonic world,  is beckoning and waiting with open arms. The online world is a really their oyster.


Marine Tank’s online PR expansion has resulted in an entry to the prestigious About Fish Online site.  By being listed in the directory on the site Marine Tank will now be found easily by those not aware of the company and who consult the online reference website; and by being featured twice in the About Fish Online’s daughter pages, Aquarium Links, Marine Tank will be found by those conducting specific searches for tropical fish and aquariums through the various search engines.   AboutFishOnline.Com is a nicely designed clean looking website providing directories of, and direct links through to, hundreds of freshwater and marine aquatic industry related websites. As well as linking customers through to other sites it carries specific information and advice on different species of fish, tells you how to care for your aquarium and how to deal with any particular problems arising and helps you promote optimum fish health. It happens also to have some very beautiful photographs which are a complete pleasure to view on almost every page and it features articles on all aspects of the tank world. It is an enormously useful site for both marine and freshwater aquarium enthusiasts.  Ignore it at your peril.

Pay a visit to www.aboutfishonline.com/articles/directory2 and assuage your curiosity and spot Marine Tank nestling amongst many other top players in the world of aquariums. Visit too the sub pages on the About Fish Online menu www.aquariumlinks.net/commercial5 and  www.aquariumlinks.net and do the same.  In the process you will experience a fascinating journey looking at the welter of information to be had in one website. You will find facts that even an old aquarium hand just doesn’t know and when you read about the many beautiful fish and their needs you will benefit from updated information delivered by those who research their topic regularly.

Celebrations all round for Marine Tank, as they will experience greater numbers of people visiting the Marine Tank online store and a corresponding increase in business. How about that! In this economic climate of doom and gloom, this could not have come at a better time, and with the news full of bitter political disagreement over how we can reactivate our economy, Marine Tank’s small steps to success are a heartwarming story for winter, and very good for the Aquatic industry as a whole. Where other businesses may fail, it looks as though this is one industry that is still climbing!




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