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Metropolitan Police Service

Single Online Home is the digital platform serving the Metropolitan Police Service and 81% of police forces in England and Wales. My primary focus in this role has been on developing innovative online reporting and information services for victims of crime, as well as their friends and relatives. This involved the successful delivery of trauma-informed, end-to-end user journeys from Discovery to live online service.

I have been instrumental in recommending and implementing improvements to existing online services. I also spearheaded the development of new services. Daily, I engaged in user research and collaborate with key stakeholders. These included the Home Office, the Met Police, and victim charities. Together, we ensured that our services aligned with trauma-led approaches and prioritised the needs of those affected by crimes.

My work covered crucial topics, such as street safety, violence against women and girls, drink spiking, Freedom of Information requests, subject access requests (SARs), Clare’s Law, and Sarah’s Law. By incorporating trauma-informed principles into the design and delivery of these services, we tried to provide comprehensive support and empower victims throughout their journey.

One notable achievement was serving as the lead content designer for the successful implementation of an online service to reporting drink and needle spiking incidents to the police. This service received outstanding feedback from victim support charities. This affirmed its effectiveness and impact in addressing a pressing issue.

Through my role and dedication to trauma-informed research, I have contributed to the advancement of victim-centric services and made a positive difference in the lives of those affected by crime.


    Adrie van der Luijt

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