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Picto | Wayfinding helps people to find their way from place to place

Picto Signs is a design-led wayfinding and signage company, working across six sectors in the UK – education, healthcare, culture, living spaces, workplace, and community and sports facilities.

We develop each wayfinding scheme from the initial briefing stage, through to its manufacture, installation and final onsite checks. Our work helps people to understand and navigate their way through the spaces and places they visit.

Who we work for

We work across the UK with architects, interior designers, project managers, contractors, and developers. We also work directly with clients and decision-makers who have the responsibility to run and operate buildings.

Katherine Wildman

Haydn Grey Ltd


Registered Office
17 Dockwray Square
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE30 1JZ

0191 289 3170
07816 763393

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