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Marlin Hawk | Search far beyond the obvious

We’re renowned for making the most innovative, positively disruptive and cross-industry hires in the market.

For over 15 years, the specialist team at Marlin Hawk has helped organisations around the world to secure their new generation of leaders.

Holding true to our pioneering spirit, and with an unrivalled research and intelligence function, we offer a genuine alternative to more traditional executive search firms in the market.

Small yet agile, with connections that command attention. We’re faster, smarter and more invested. And we’re renowned for making the most innovative, positively disruptive and cross-industry hires in the market.

You’re searching for the new generation of business leaders. We’re here to help. We provide high-quality intelligence, in-depth assessments, and joined-up thinking to save time and prevent frustration.

With in-depth context around each candidate, we enable you to hire with confidence and provide market insights that help you to gain a competitive advantage.

The quality and depth of our research provides peerless levels of detail and insight, making us the first choice for, and a true partner to, world-leading organisations.

Our approach is borderless. We find the right people, no matter where they are in the world.

We work to know your business goals today and to understand where your next generation of leadership needs to be, years from now.

By embedding ourselves in your agenda at CEO level, we work to understand your strategy and secure your future.

With executive search, interim management, strategic intelligence, and succession and talent planning, we search far beyond the obvious.

Because we know businesses flourish when talented people drive results.

Our strategic alignment, global-yet-bespoke approach and focus on the CEO agenda all serve a clear goal – to leverage the power of people to drive true business results, helping you find your new generation of leaders.

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