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Simpsons Malt | The Home of Good Malt

At Simpsons Malt, we understand that to make the best beers and the best whiskies, you need the best malts.

We only ever use the finest UK two-row barley, grown from quality, certified seeds.

And because we use certified seeds, the pure grain in each of our sought-after malts is of consistently high quality.

Whether you’re a brewer, looking to add a certain special something to a new and innovative beer, or you’re a distiller on the hunt for an infinitely complex and subtle taste, Simpsons Malt has the experience and the expertise to guide you to the perfect malt to meet your needs.

We’re proud to produce malt that’s the soul of beer and whisky. And we’re proud to produce malt that’s at the foundation of our customers’ success.

From award-winning beers to highly original and globally renowned whiskies, our malts are at the heart of some of the most innovative and successful brands on the market today.

From base malts to speciality malts, our customers describe our products as giving ‘exceptional’ and ‘superior’ flavour, ‘depth, structure and integrity’ and ‘fullness, body and rich malt flavour’.  For one customer, we’re ‘the backbone’ of everything he brews.

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