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Tone of voice and brand guidelines for O2

We all know bubbles. We all know blue. But believe it or not (and by the end of this little guide, you will) there’s a lot more to the O2 brand than that. It’s not all about how we look – we simply wouldn’t be that shallow. It’s what we’ve got to say and how we say it.

Before you think it’s all marketing babble and advertising malarkey, we’ve read books that prove one thing – the success and future of a brand depends heavily on a clear identity.

And so we developed a way of communicating our brand values (open, bold, trusted and clear) to our wonderfully diverse customer base. We use our language to differentiate ourselves from the competition, to reinforce our values and identity and bring warmth and personality to the O2 world.

This guide explains it all. It’s not just for those of us who find ourselves writing and speaking to customers, it’s for everyone involved with O2. To help us gain better insight into our brand and understand the importance of our identity.

What you’ll discover is how warm and friendly we are. How open, honest and quite frankly, how we make our customers feel wanted and rewarded whether it’s by SMS, welcome call, letter, email, TV ad…

And at the end if you’re interested in learning more, why not contact your local brand team for a tone of voice workshop?

Enjoy. O2


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