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Tone of voice and website for Mighty Rice

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I'll let the marketing director explain: "Caroline is an excellent freelance copywriter. We started a new brand and needed a tone-of-voice to suit. She grasped our ideas and crafted a verbal identity that perfectly portrayed our values. I highly recommend Caroline's services especially as, being in Mauritius, we needed someone with whom we could build a good working relationship long-distance!" Herman Suhirman, Marketing Director, Mighty Rice


(You can view the site at mighty rice)

Mindfully farmed on the island paradise of Mauritius, our rice is as extraordinary as the land.

It is grown in the richest volcanic soil on pristine, family-owned farms and fed by pure rainwater and mountain streams. Produced with the greatest respect for your health, sustainability of the planet and the prosperity of our farmers and our community, mighty rice® not only tastes better but feels better.

mighty rice® is available in two varieties, long-grain white rice with a distinctive, delicate flavour and long-grain brown rice that has the same exceptional quality but keeps its outer bran layer for a nuttier taste and more robust texture.